5 Most Visited Australian Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

Over the past few years, travelling has gotten more and more complicated. You book your flights online. You select your spots from the thousands presented. More and more people are now looking for peculiar destinations because travelling to far off places isn’t the hard part anymore. Also, many tourists like to travel to places which aren’t the regular travelling destinations. On an average Europe, Americas, Caribbean and Mediterranean are the tourist hotspots, but now tourists love to venture to indistinctly destinations.

Australia is one such destination that if you are a tourist probing the perfect trip destination, then Australia is the exactly right country for you. Just keep in mind that if you’re headed to Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, it’ll be winters. If you think that Australia has much less to proffer than the other continents, you should go there and look at it yourself. Queensland Gold Coast will spoil you absolutely.

The Gold Coast has beaches with five star hotels, beach side apartments, miles and miles of the blossoming green golf courses. With warmth ranging from 9-21 degrees, even the meekly nippy weather won’t be capable to keep you in for long. Popularly known as Australia’s favourite playground, the Gold Coast would be far from a disappointment.

Darwin, perched on a peninsula, is another spectacular destination. It’s the capital of the Northern Territory. If you’re in mood for some adventures, then book your flight right now. Darwin has a large harbour, twice the size of Sydney. Crocodiles, snakes and the trademark red earth are all there in surroundings of Australia. This would be your time to check out the iconic natural wonders of the great country. If you are a history fan, then you can check out Darwin’s World War II history at the conserved sites including the ammunition bunkers, oil tunnels and air strips.

Cairns is a winter sun playground in the far north of Queensland. Full of different tours, activities and attractions, Cairns is one place you’ll never get bored of. Just like the typical north Queensland, Cairns has a balmy temperature and low rainfall. Your tour to Cairns will not be complete without a tour to the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest.

The Whitney Islands are a bloc of 74 lush green islands. The temperature drifts between 17 -26 degrees even in winters. The 10 luxury resorts on eight of its islands, Whitney Islands will not allow the tourists get worn-out. You can dissipate your day doing water sports or scuba diving, or better yet, go for a hike in Whitneys deep and flourishing forests.

Broome is the place with simple conditions: here is only humid period or the dry season. While in Broome, don’t discount to explore the astonishing Kimberley Region, Mitchell Falls, and the Bungle Bungles, which are just some of the highlights of the great Western Australia. If you’re in Broome, a must-see outlook is the Staircase to the Moon. On a cloudless night, you can see the face of the moon in the mud flats which makes it look like a stairway.

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