Tour: Colors of De-Cor

This past week my visit to Apartment Therapy was a real treat. Looks like the winter has taken a step back and it’s pretty cold and gray out here. So I was in need of some bright colors…that could inspire me for the rest of the week and I found the perfect dose of inspiration here at Apartment Therapy.

They featured a fabulous store De-Cor in Pasadena, California, owned by Deepali Pareek and packed with the most amazing handcrafted artifacts, hand woven textiles and the most gorgeous traditional furnishings from India. The moment you step into the store, it feels like you’ve come into a whole new world of colors.

I love the layout of the store. It has been designed to look like an open warehouse. Wooden roof and walls…simple perfection!

I have to admit I am a huge fan of gorgeous cushions and pillows; and De-Cor has a whole lot of them. Beautiful textiles in gorgeous traditional designs that depict the true colors of India are the first ones that catch the eye…motifs and floral patterns all packed with colors of life. See what wonders thread and color could do together…

De-Cor also has a beautiful collection of other antique and vintage items…hand carved furniture and other architectural elements too.

I’m loving this vintage three door window panel…it truly illustrates the old architectural culture and heritage of Indo-Pak subcontinent. This one is from a private mansion (Haveli) in Rajasthan, and there still are many many like this one in the old mansions in both the countries…and they all are one of a kind!

Thank you for reading this post I hope you liked it and if you did leave your feedback in the comments below and also, share your ideas about home decor. I would love to hear them and drew some inspiration. Thank you!

Today’s Crush: Yellow WOWs me!

I am so loving soft and pale yellow sunshine these days. It feels so warm and welcoming…everything feels so refreshing; bright and shiny. Spring is on its way, and it shows…!

Decorating with yellow color

It feels like the perfect time to indulge a little yellow inside your home and do some decorating with it…it seems as if you’ve brought the sunshine inside your home. I so want this color right now! The sun, flowers, honey, lemon…all seems so vibrant, so inspiring and happy.

I love the instant vibe that pale yellow color gives to a room. It just cheers up your mood. It has that energy…if used in the right tone and in right proportion…it brings the room to life. Pick a few yellow flowers from your garden today, put them in a vase and see for yourself, you’ll love them.

I love light yellow paired up with sky blue, lemon green and a little gray. It also does wonders with white, or you can mix all of them…but in the right amount. It’ll give you the feel as if spring is already here.

See a few of my favorites of yellow and get your latest dose of inspiration.

Don’t you feel happy…? That’s the charm of yellow…it makes you feel friendly and happy. Different tones of yellow are quite popular in Asian style of decorating; especially Indian style, see these pictures and admire yellow more…

…and just a bit of yellow…that wall painting made my day.

What is your favourite color? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments section so I can check it out. Let us inspire each other. This is one of the main goals of me making this blog. Anyway, I hope you like it and found something for yourself. See you in my next one. Love you all. Bye!