Marketing Tips to Start your Business

Nobody said it is easy to start the business. To clear some way the beginning of a startup we will talk about what steps to follow to get a good marketing strategy for startups. Our intention with this post is to clarify the steps to form the startup.

In this first post, we will discuss the first steps to consider when launching a startup. These are:

1 . The choice of market

One of the first steps and essential to get away with your startup is to establish what will be your target audience. You must be clear that you love and live your product, but not everyone will feel the same need. Therefore you will have to identify what kind of people you can get love and feel as you do. To choose this target we suggest you get fixated on four key points:

The market. Answers the question of how and who is your audience? That is to say, to obtain data that are relevant to you and your StartUp such as: Is a local audience? What is your sex? Are they children or adults? In short, to define as closely as possible to who you want to run with the main demographic parameters.

The purchasing power. To know if your audience is willing to pay for your product or service and if you have enough money to do so.

Competition. Know your competitors, research them, makes genuine attempts audits realizarte scheme and how the market can see if this is saturated or still have market opportunities for success.

Value proposal. Your product should show an improvement over other competitors or, at least, a competitive advantage over others. Remember that if you are going to launch a product or service that is more of the same, the target audience will not see your differences to bet for you and not for others.

  1. Definition of keywords

If you that know your product/service well, you can answer the following question: How will I get my potential customers on the Internet? For this purpose, you must establish a list of these keywords. This list will guide you point your internet business in different search engines.

These keywords will be used in the web content, blogs, social networks, and marketing plan to make. Keywords list consists of three to five words.  When you put these words in your content you provide what is known as SEO. SEO is to rank your online business search engine in the best possible position naturally. On the other hand, you can also support you in the SEM. The latter is to get the best positions in search engines but through the payment of that position and appearing in the search as sponsored link. This is a very important issue we must take into account.

On the other hand, we must not only establish a single list of keywords, but we must establish at least two to three lists and that these are distributed in order of importance. That is, we have a list of keywords that will be the main guide to mark positioning and competitive advantage, and then have one or two lists of secondary keywords that help the positioning and neither should we neglect to not be redundant in our content.

With regard to the content redundancy, we must be careful in this regard because search engines penalize those sites where the content is repetitive and void. So remember: use your keywords but not massively and meaningless.

To control these keywords there are free tools that can help you see if they work properly.