Marketing Tips to Start your Business

Nobody said it is easy to start the business. To clear some way the beginning of a startup we will talk about what steps to follow to get a good marketing strategy for startups. Our intention with this post is to clarify the steps to form the startup.

In this first post, we will discuss the first steps to consider when launching a startup. These are:

1 . The choice of market

One of the first steps and essential to get away with your startup is to establish what will be your target audience. You must be clear that you love and live your product, but not everyone will feel the same need. Therefore you will have to identify what kind of people you can get love and feel as you do. To choose this target we suggest you get fixated on four key points:

The market. Answers the question of how and who is your audience? That is to say, to obtain data that are relevant to you and your StartUp such as: Is a local audience? What is your sex? Are they children or adults? In short, to define as closely as possible to who you want to run with the main demographic parameters.

The purchasing power. To know if your audience is willing to pay for your product or service and if you have enough money to do so.

Competition. Know your competitors, research them, makes genuine attempts audits realizarte scheme and how the market can see if this is saturated or still have market opportunities for success.

Value proposal. Your product should show an improvement over other competitors or, at least, a competitive advantage over others. Remember that if you are going to launch a product or service that is more of the same, the target audience will not see your differences to bet for you and not for others.

  1. Definition of keywords

If you that know your product/service well, you can answer the following question: How will I get my potential customers on the Internet? For this purpose, you must establish a list of these keywords. This list will guide you point your internet business in different search engines.

These keywords will be used in the web content, blogs, social networks, and marketing plan to make. Keywords list consists of three to five words.  When you put these words in your content you provide what is known as SEO. SEO is to rank your online business search engine in the best possible position naturally. On the other hand, you can also support you in the SEM. The latter is to get the best positions in search engines but through the payment of that position and appearing in the search as sponsored link. This is a very important issue we must take into account.

On the other hand, we must not only establish a single list of keywords, but we must establish at least two to three lists and that these are distributed in order of importance. That is, we have a list of keywords that will be the main guide to mark positioning and competitive advantage, and then have one or two lists of secondary keywords that help the positioning and neither should we neglect to not be redundant in our content.

With regard to the content redundancy, we must be careful in this regard because search engines penalize those sites where the content is repetitive and void. So remember: use your keywords but not massively and meaningless.

To control these keywords there are free tools that can help you see if they work properly.

Tour: Colors of De-Cor

This past week my visit to Apartment Therapy was a real treat. Looks like the winter has taken a step back and it’s pretty cold and gray out here. So I was in need of some bright colors…that could inspire me for the rest of the week and I found the perfect dose of inspiration here at Apartment Therapy.

They featured a fabulous store De-Cor in Pasadena, California, owned by Deepali Pareek and packed with the most amazing handcrafted artifacts, hand woven textiles and the most gorgeous traditional furnishings from India. The moment you step into the store, it feels like you’ve come into a whole new world of colors.

I love the layout of the store. It has been designed to look like an open warehouse. Wooden roof and walls…simple perfection!

I have to admit I am a huge fan of gorgeous cushions and pillows; and De-Cor has a whole lot of them. Beautiful textiles in gorgeous traditional designs that depict the true colors of India are the first ones that catch the eye…motifs and floral patterns all packed with colors of life. See what wonders thread and color could do together…

De-Cor also has a beautiful collection of other antique and vintage items…hand carved furniture and other architectural elements too.

I’m loving this vintage three door window panel…it truly illustrates the old architectural culture and heritage of Indo-Pak subcontinent. This one is from a private mansion (Haveli) in Rajasthan, and there still are many many like this one in the old mansions in both the countries…and they all are one of a kind!

Thank you for reading this post I hope you liked it and if you did leave your feedback in the comments below and also, share your ideas about home decor. I would love to hear them and drew some inspiration. Thank you!

Colors for Summer

I can smell the grains, I can see the golden fields until the end where I can see, I can feel the warm breeze on my face for it is the season of harvesting.

This picture that you see above shows the Sri Lankan village girls celebrating the harvesting of a rich grain yield. And it surely is the time to celebrate because, after the hard work of months in the large open fields, a great outcome does call for celebrations.

I am totally in love with the colors of the dresses of these gorgeous ladies. Summer season is about 8 months long here in Pakistan and that means that you have plenty of time to play with colors for summer in your home like make small changes, do a couple of DIY projects, add or rearrange the pillows and change their covers as many times as you want, paint the frames of your windows, add a couple of new floor mats in the kitchen, a few new indoor plants would do great too there’s so much that can be done. And this picture above gives me the perfect dose of color inspiration for the summer season.

I am not really fond of darker shades of colors in home, they don’t look good to me even in winters but I’ve always loved light and bright shades of colors that can complement the natural light and make the room look more soothing, open and airy. It’s not that I don’t like dark colors at all but I somehow don’t feel like incorporating too much of color in home, maybe that’s because of a long summer season here.

Colorful pillows for summer

I love the yellow color and floral designs of the pillows. It makes such a nice combination with the plain sky blue ones. I cannot adore that white chandelier of mine even more. And that ikat wallpaper is totally to die for.

Today’s Crush: Yellow WOWs me!

I am so loving soft and pale yellow sunshine these days. It feels so warm and welcoming…everything feels so refreshing; bright and shiny. Spring is on its way, and it shows…!

Decorating with yellow color

It feels like the perfect time to indulge a little yellow inside your home and do some decorating with it…it seems as if you’ve brought the sunshine inside your home. I so want this color right now! The sun, flowers, honey, lemon…all seems so vibrant, so inspiring and happy.

I love the instant vibe that pale yellow color gives to a room. It just cheers up your mood. It has that energy…if used in the right tone and in right proportion…it brings the room to life. Pick a few yellow flowers from your garden today, put them in a vase and see for yourself, you’ll love them.

I love light yellow paired up with sky blue, lemon green and a little gray. It also does wonders with white, or you can mix all of them…but in the right amount. It’ll give you the feel as if spring is already here.

See a few of my favorites of yellow and get your latest dose of inspiration.

Don’t you feel happy…? That’s the charm of yellow…it makes you feel friendly and happy. Different tones of yellow are quite popular in Asian style of decorating; especially Indian style, see these pictures and admire yellow more…

…and just a bit of yellow…that wall painting made my day.

What is your favourite color? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments section so I can check it out. Let us inspire each other. This is one of the main goals of me making this blog. Anyway, I hope you like it and found something for yourself. See you in my next one. Love you all. Bye!

Photography: Capture Your Own Special Moment In 3.5 Seconds

Taking pictures is something everyone at one time or another has done.  Some pictures turn out good, others okay while yet others… not so good.  Money spent on getting all of those pictures developed and printed used to be time consuming and very costly.  Well, not anymore. With the advent of digital photography, all of the “okay” and “not so good” pictures go into the trash bucket without ever having seen the light of day.

No more paying for what you know isn’t great.  What a wonderful world of technology we live in. I could give you a history of picture taking with all of the boring stuff related to it but I’m not going to do that.  You don’t need to know how early cameras worked and what was involved in getting images onto a recording surface filled with all sorts of dangerous chemicals.  All you want to do is be able to take a great picture that will bring back fond memories, right?

Digital cameras have become so popular that the standard “film” camera has pretty much gone by the wayside.  35mm cameras do still have a place in some markets but to be honest you can take your digital camera and computer and create memories that are almost as high in quality as the old-school cameras.  It is, of course, a matter of choice.  If you prefer film cameras and have invested a lot of money in gathering all of the items that come along with them it will certainly be difficult to give it up for new technology.

I understand that. I would suggest to you though that they can both (standard and digital cameras) live in the same household without too much conflict.  Just keep them in separate rooms and they will never know that the other one exists. Here’s one hint that is very important.  Always, always and again always carry a camera with you regardless of where you are going.  You just never know when a photo op will present itself.

Sunsets, landscapes or even the occasional vehicle accident all offer picture taking moments.  If you don’t have your camera with you, you can’t get the shot.  It is as simple as that. And, on average, 3.5 seconds later (with you digital camera) you’ll be able to enjoy once again the particular beauty of the photograph you just captured for eternity.

So what’s stopping you? Digital cameras can be purchased for as little as fifty bucks.  Some are even waterproof for those of you that might be as “nimble-fingered” as me.  I drop things.  One thing I don’t want to drop though is the opportunity to create special moments.  They’re just too special to miss. Here’s to your next 3.5 seconds of memory making.  And like some commercials say “don’t leave home without it.”

That would be your camera.

5 Most Visited Australian Winter Sun Holiday Destinations

Over the past few years, travelling has gotten more and more complicated. You book your flights online. You select your spots from the thousands presented. More and more people are now looking for peculiar destinations because travelling to far off places isn’t the hard part anymore. Also, many tourists like to travel to places which aren’t the regular travelling destinations. On an average Europe, Americas, Caribbean and Mediterranean are the tourist hotspots, but now tourists love to venture to indistinctly destinations.

Australia is one such destination that if you are a tourist probing the perfect trip destination, then Australia is the exactly right country for you. Just keep in mind that if you’re headed to Melbourne, Sydney or Perth, it’ll be winters. If you think that Australia has much less to proffer than the other continents, you should go there and look at it yourself. Queensland Gold Coast will spoil you absolutely.

The Gold Coast has beaches with five star hotels, beach side apartments, miles and miles of the blossoming green golf courses. With warmth ranging from 9-21 degrees, even the meekly nippy weather won’t be capable to keep you in for long. Popularly known as Australia’s favourite playground, the Gold Coast would be far from a disappointment.

Darwin, perched on a peninsula, is another spectacular destination. It’s the capital of the Northern Territory. If you’re in mood for some adventures, then book your flight right now. Darwin has a large harbour, twice the size of Sydney. Crocodiles, snakes and the trademark red earth are all there in surroundings of Australia. This would be your time to check out the iconic natural wonders of the great country. If you are a history fan, then you can check out Darwin’s World War II history at the conserved sites including the ammunition bunkers, oil tunnels and air strips.

Cairns is a winter sun playground in the far north of Queensland. Full of different tours, activities and attractions, Cairns is one place you’ll never get bored of. Just like the typical north Queensland, Cairns has a balmy temperature and low rainfall. Your tour to Cairns will not be complete without a tour to the Great Barrier Reef or the Daintree Rainforest.

The Whitney Islands are a bloc of 74 lush green islands. The temperature drifts between 17 -26 degrees even in winters. The 10 luxury resorts on eight of its islands, Whitney Islands will not allow the tourists get worn-out. You can dissipate your day doing water sports or scuba diving, or better yet, go for a hike in Whitneys deep and flourishing forests.

Broome is the place with simple conditions: here is only humid period or the dry season. While in Broome, don’t discount to explore the astonishing Kimberley Region, Mitchell Falls, and the Bungle Bungles, which are just some of the highlights of the great Western Australia. If you’re in Broome, a must-see outlook is the Staircase to the Moon. On a cloudless night, you can see the face of the moon in the mud flats which makes it look like a stairway.

How to land student travel deals?

Speed Reading Tips Follow The Finger

Since we are on the topic of speed reading, one thing I have found over the years is that your reading speed radical increases if you utilize the help of your fingers. Yes, it might seem like a childish thing to do but it really does work.

Notice how young kids who are just starting to learn how to read put their fingers on the words and follow the finger? Well, that is something instinctual that comes naturally to them. They know that is the easiest and best way to focus on the words so that they can move on to the next word without being too distracted.

One thing is for sure – this step will not dramatically increase your reading speed. However, it will definitely help a lot. Some have been known to double their reading speed just by using the power of their finger. So you can imagine how much time you save if you are able to do the same. Try it and you will notice that you are able to focus on the words better.

You might still not be convinced so let me give you another example. I am sure that you have visited an optometrist before. Well, when he is testing the clarity of your eyesight, notice how he would either use his finger to point out the alphabets he wants you to see or at the very least use a laser pointer. This is because he wants to direct your attention to the particular alphabet or number so that you are looking directly at it. Humans lack focus and definitely need some help to draw their attention to particular objects.

The next time you are reading, you really should try following your finger. It is so easy to be distracted by the other words in the same paragraph. Some people even note that the words seem to swim around them and that is why they get stuck on a particular page. If you read by following your finger, it will definitely help your focus and attention.

All these methods are of course not full proof and in fact, the end result lies solely with the individual. Some people might find that their reading speed radically increases while others might only see a marginal result. Whatever the conclusion, these methods will certainly help you if you are interested in being able to read faster. Speed reading has so many benefits and anyway, these methods do not take up too much time. There is certainly no harm in trying them out!